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Good people are good for business

Welcome to a business school grounded in a 500-year-old provocation: good people are good for business. Your gift to the Boler Future Fund/Inspired Lives Campaign will ensure that our Jesuit approach to business education continues to expand its reach and thrive.

Please join us.

Where we are going

Help us create a new approach to business education that prepares bright minds to solve the pressing challenges of the world.

Our priorities

  • School of Accountancy and Information Science
  • School of Leadership and Social Innovation
  • Finance and Capital Markets
  • Professional Development and Infrastructure
  • Boler Global
  • School of Accountancy and Information Science

    Accountancy has always been, and will continue to be, a hallmark of Boler’s credibility and excellence. Boler accounting graduates are educated with a distinct balance of Ignatian values, broad business knowledge and specific skills and tools needed to flourish in a changing profession. A new School of Accountancy and Information Science will strengthen John Carroll’s reputation as a leader and innovator in accounting education. With an expanded emphasis on information science and data analytics, Boler graduates will be highly competitive in a fast changing and dynamic profession.

  • School of Leadership and Social Innovation

    The School of Leadership and Social Innovation draws upon the talents and strengths of longstanding Centers of Excellence, committed faculty, and community-based learning initiatives at John Carroll University. The Center for Service and Social Action, Edward M. Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship, a Women’s Entrepreneurship Program, the John Carroll Leadership Initiative and a Socially Responsible Management Honors Program and others like them share a common mission that leads to direct, human-scaled social action. The School for Leadership and Social Innovation will leverage new and established centers of excellence and faculty expertise in leadership, ethics, entrepreneurship and social innovation. We will combine forces to develop ethical leaders to meet the increasingly complex demands on leaders in every industry and organization.

  • Finance and Capital Markets

    Boler will build on the strength of enrollment in our finance programs and the success of our alumni by creating a named center of excellence in Finance and Capital Markets. We will introduce a new pathway in wealth management, and we will transform a computer lab into a state-of-the-art Capital Markets Lab. This center for teaching, learning and research around capital markets will also offer a naming opportunity. Our plans will greatly improve Boler’s ability to recruit top faculty, attract top students, and supply top talent.

  • Professional Development and Infrastructure

    A new Student Success Center will be at the center of wide-ranging investments in students, faculty and learning. Your support will enable Boler to attract top-tier faculty, upgrade facilities, fund student research and invite more executives in residence, visiting corporate leaders and mentors to campus. The Classroom Innovation Fund will upgrade a ground level classroom complex and two classrooms on the main level with new technology, mobile classroom and theatre layouts to facilitate new interactive learning methods. The Student Research Fund Endowment will support students to participate in full-time, faculty-mentored paid summer research. A Faculty Excellence Fund will deliver salary and research support to attract and support high-performing teacher scholars. An Executive-in-Residence Fund will attract senior corporate talent serving as Executives-in-Residence across all academic majors.

  • Boler Global

    As a first step in a broader set of investments aimed at extending Boler’s reach, we will establish the Global Business Culture and Entrepreneurship Center at John Carroll University to develop, enlighten and empower both domestic and international students. Our aim is to create a borderless business center on campus, and at other international sites that facilitate global and international exchange. Education and community outreach programs will emphasize entrepreneurship and cultural understanding. The Center will complement existing programs in London and elsewhere and will allow Boler to establish a presence in India and other emerging economies. We will give students broad exposure to an understanding of differences in business practices, responsibilities and regulations across the globe, and deepen their cultural awareness. At the same time, we will welcome more international students and a diverse global faculty to Northeast Ohio.

Why it matters

Join the campaign

As a working professional, you know the challenge of standing strong on Jesuit principles — the essential sense of right and wrong reinforced at John Carroll University.

Your gift will help us to attract, educate and inspire the next generation ethical business leader.

We are 11,130 living Boler alumni and thousands more friends, partners and allies. Please help us shape the future of Jesuit business education.

Donor Recognition

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